Mission 458

458 Pot-Bellied Pigs

We have teamed up with Atti's Acres Inc,  Pig Advocates League Inc., Ziggy's Rescue, and countless other rescues in an effort to save over 458 pigs from a hoarding case located in Falmouth, Kentucky. 

Current Standings

"KY 458 update!

We are going to pin this post to the top of the page and update it as we go along. This will allow people to see exactly where we are with funding in and out.

To date (10/15/18) we have collected $132,675. We have spent $50,499.53 so far. Just vetting and feed has been over $36k. We are spending close to $3600 every two weeks just for feed. Larger groups of pigs are about to be moved to various staging locations, so the feed costs should begin to go down. The temp has dropped in this are so straw lots of straw has been necessary. Donations are still being accepted for the KY 458. They can be made via PayPal to palpigs@gmail.com or directly from our website www.pigadvocates.com.

Lots of progress has been made with adoption applications. However, we are having some difficulty reaching some applicants. If you are still interested in adopting and haven't heard from us, please click here for an application status check. https://goo.gl/forms/h69XENZbOy36bnyv2"                  

-Pig Advocates League Facebook 

October 15th, 2018

How to Help

You can help by donating to Pig Advocates League on Facebook or submitting an application through their Facebook as well.