Originally Miss Darcy belonged to an Amish community. She is a Percheron mare bred for heavy work such as pulling a plough or a wagon. She has been bred many times. When she reached a certain age she was sent to auction. She came here after she had been bred again and the owner did not wish to keep her after her foal had weaned.

Now well in to her 20’s she is a majestic matriarch to the herd.

She has scars from her heavy working life, problems in her hips from having so  many babies and lots of arthritis.

She’s a beautiful, stubborn girl and she’s very happy to be retired.

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Sky isn’t technically part of the rescue but he’s an important character in the herd. His playful nature makes him hard to pair with other horses but he and Rocky are inseparable. I had no idea how big this guy was going to be when we drove to Wisconsin to pick him up. I had found him on a website and just from his picture I knew he had to be mine. 

My quest was for a young horse with no ‘baggage’ who would be my riding horse and I could train him myself. He was 9 months old when I got him and was already taller than his mother. She was a pinto mare of pony height and his dad was a huge 17 hands all black Percheron – gorgeous!

Sky had never worn a halter or been handled much at all. He was a huge challenge for me and I had to call on a trainer for help. I chose Natural Horsemanship and primarily used the teachings of Pat Parelli, among others.

Even at 12 years old he’s still a playful baby. Never a dull moment!

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This handsome old man belongs to a friend of mine. He is our only ‘boarder’.

Rocky is a big handsome thoroughbred who was raced and eventually retired. His body shows the typical signs of wear and tear of an ex racehorse and he has multiple scars from old injuries. He’s a sweet guy who’s just happy for a peaceful retirement.

He resides with Sky and the two are very good together. Sky keeps Rocky moving around and Rocky calms Sky.  It’s always good to have a buddy.

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As thoroughbreds go, Irish is one of the most graceful movers. He’s also a complete goofball who thinks the world will surely eat him at any time!

He was sold to unsuspecting people under the pretense that he’d never been raced. However, thoroughbreds in the US are tattooed inside their bottom lip, which allows you to research their racing record. Irish had in fact raced 14 times. He wasn’t very good at racing by all accounts. What lead him to be sold on ultimately is that he was injured. The injury was hidden from the buyer by a steroid shot which eventually wore off.

After x-rays we were able to determine a bone fragment floating in his knee joint. After his experience he developed a mistrust and fear of rough handling. He was deemed a ‘crazy horse’.

To avoid having him be passed around from one unsuspecting owner to another, we stepped in and gave him a forever home.

He’s a problem child for sure but we love him.

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Rowan came to us through Brown County Humane Society. He was an ‘owner surrender’ after concerned neighbours called about his condition.

At 28 years old he was extremely underweight and even though he’d been used for riding and 4H, he had never had his teeth floated. He also had a chronic urinary tract issue which made it difficult for him to empty his bladder efficiently. His iron count was also dangerously low.

Rowan (named for his Roan colouring) was rounded up from a wild herd of Mustangs in Nevada when he was approximately 2. He came with papers from his sale and an explanation of the brand mark on his neck.

It took many months and a lot of veterinary care to get him back to good health.

Now in his 30’s, he’s the patriarch of the farm and lumbers around wherever he wants to. 

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Freddie is a very sweet and proud thoroughbred. He was bred in Florida with extremely good bloodlines. As a yearling he was sold at auction for $65,000. He raced in Florida several times and won his owners quite a purse.

However, in one of his races he was severely injured when his knee gave out. Because he was worth good money he did receive surgery to repair the knee. Sadly his racing career was not the same and he was sold on. Eventually, the day came when he was no longer able to keep up and he was sold for $200 to be a pleasure horse.

The person who bought him had no experience with an  ‘off the track’ thoroughbred. He removed his racing shoes and took him out trail riding every day for several weeks.

Eventually this once prized horse was reduced to skin and bone and had developed abscesses on all four feet. He could barely stand. 

Along with another concerned friend we took him on and set about the long recovery process.

Today he is a very handsome and healthy boy. His feet will never be great but he’s happy that he has a peaceful and easy life.

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