This sweet guy came to us through Brown County Humane Society. He was confiscated from his owners due to severe neglect. He had some terrible wounds which weren’t visible until he got a bath. He has an old injury to a hind leg that is thick with scar tissue. As a result from this injury he developed a sunken founder in the other foot. So he’s a special needs horse who requires constant monitoring.

He’s somewhere in his 20’s and just as sweet as can be. He was clearly loved at some point in his life and especially likes the ladies who give him fuss. He likes to give hugs by wrapping his neck across your shoulders and breathing sweet nothings down your back.

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This beautiful little Arabian mare came to us via Georgia. She had been passed through 6 different owners before we heard that she was part of a large group of horses heading to Mexico to be meat.

This little girl has been through so much in her short life.  Being a spirited and smart Arabian, she had been labeled as a difficult horse. Previous owners used her for barrel racing and when she arrived she had severe problems in a rear leg. This has left her very fearful of anyone getting on her back. She will never have to worry here and is promised a quiet retirement being a gorgeous pasture ornament. 

Allie is very weary of men – especially if they are wearing any kind of hat. 

She’s a sweet, highly intelligent girl who has really come a long way with her trust issues in her time with us.

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Another friend of ours in the rescue world bought this little donkey from a huge horse auction along with some mini horses. All were terrified and neglected.

After seeing his photo there was no question that he had to come and live here.  I was advised that he wasn’t really socialized and couldn’t be led very easily. He was unsure and afraid. Under weight and rough looking.

He arrived here at 3 am in a huge horse trailer. The transport guy was a very tall cowboy type and as he led this tiny donkey off the ramp, I knew we’d been given a very special little soul.

Everyone who meets him falls in love. He’s the best ambassador to promote our mission of kindness and patience. 

He makes everyone smile. Every day.

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This little goat was taken from a hoarding case by Brown County Humane Society OH. From the first time I saw his picture I just knew somehow he’d end up here.

All of his friends found homes pretty quickly but he was an unsocialized, big horned, smelly male goat; so people weren’t lining up for him.

I thought I’d escaped taking him in when a nice couple took him to their farm. It didn’t work out though and he found himself homeless again. Well, I couldn’t stop myself from giving him a try – I am actually not a big fan of goats having been knocked down before by one much bigger than Phil.

When he arrived he was very skittish and wouldn’t let anyone near him. I started getting him to eat from my hand and now he’s a big softie. He was shedding so badly that I could tell he wanted me to scratch him so now he lets me brush him and love on him.

He’s a character for sure. If I forget to shut the tack room door, he’s in the hayloft instantly. Gotta climb on everything!

He still smells like a goat.

PS. His name comes from the Disney movie of Hercules. The centaur who trains Hercules is named Phil (voiced by Danny DeVito)

Great movie – check it out!

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rachel & lisa "left eye" lopez

Rachel and Lisa are here because they were not good breeding stock. Alpaca’s are bred for their wool but the real money for breeders is in selling the babies. Rachel was never able to produce healthy babies. Her calves were born with birth defects and didn’t live very long, making her pretty worthless to a breeder. Lisa is younger and gave a couple of ‘false pregnancies’. I had always thought Alpacas would be a nice animal to have around so these two misfits landed here.

Alpacas are known for being easy keepers and are generally social and friendly. These girls are not typical since they are very unsure of humans. After 3 years I am finally able to touch them. Trust has to be earned and they have certainly made me earn it!

They share their barn with the 3 pigs, Kevin, Smokey and Jake

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