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Kentucky 458


Over 500 Pigs in KY during 2018

August 5th 2018 was when we became aware of the massive situation in Kentucky that would become known as ‘Operation 458’. Our friends at Atti’s Acres were alerted to a property that had been cited for not having their pigs enclosed in secure pens. When the Fish and Wildlife Officer got there he was alarmed to find a huge number of pigs in various conditions of neglect. There were adults, babies, pregnant females and unaltered males coexisting and endlessly breeding. Jodi was able to negotiate a window of time for us to attempt to get as many pigs to safe locations before they were doomed to be euthanized by the state. She asked us to help along with Belly Brothers Pig Rescue. After sharing this story with the help of our followers and other rescue friends we began to get donations and volunteers. The local news stations came out to the property for an interview which helped us get traction. It was the largest pig rescue mission the US had ever seen. The entire life cycle happened before your eyes from piglets to death. 


+100k Donations!

In mid August we accepted help from Cotton Branch and Pig Advocates League. Being small rescues we don’t have the reach that the larger ones do. With this huge number of pigs we needed an army of volunteers and experienced rescue organizations. The generosity from all involved was incredible. Collectively we managed to save this enormous group of pigs. I think all involved would agree that this operation was all consuming and extremely difficult to pull off. We saw things we had never experienced before. We shed tears over the ones we lost from complications during spays or from illness.


A Year Later

We still have 8 of the pigs here ready for adoption and Cotton Branch has a large group waiting for their forever homes.
We didn’t give up on them; they are all so deserving of the best lives we can give them.

If you’d like to adopt one or two of these special pigs please contact us.

On a personal note I’d like to thank all involved in this rescue effort. I learned so much on so many levels.
Thanks to all who opened your hearts to adopt these pigs.
Special thanks to Jodi and Roger at Atti’s Acres for insisting on fighting for these pigs as soon as they became aware of them.
None of the pigs would be alive without them.

If we work together we can truly move mountains.
Kindness and compassion is a strong driving force and it continues to be our mission for all who need us.

Felicity Pig Rescue

Takes a village


August 1st, 2019

Well we did it!
12 pigs wrangled and moved in less than 2 hours in blazing heat. 8 boys and 4 girls.
Now we have to get everyone spayed/neutered ASAP!
These are super cute pigs. They just need a little handling. After the boys are neutered I expect they’ll be really sweet fellas.
For now they’re very happy to be exploring their new pen.

Please share with your friends so we can find them their forever homes.
You can fill out an application form on the Belly Brothers Pig Rescue website. Or pm me for one.

* many thanks to my lovely friend Sharon and my son Matthew and the extremely helpful Animal Control Officer Erin who wrangled like a pro.

It takes a village! 🐽❤️



These young men from the recent Felicity hoarding case, were neutered.
Sadly Julio (the spotted pig) did not come home with his family.
Julio was always very wheezy and I’d long suspected that there was an underlying heart issue. When you’ve experienced heart issues, you recognize it in others.
I asked for an X-ray after he was sedated. It was discovered that his heart was enlarged and there was a significant amount of fluid build up. All this made it difficult for him to breathe comfortably.
It was decided that we would let him sleep peacefully and gain his wings.
We will miss this handsome wheezy boy.

*The remaining 5 boys are available for adoption through Belly Brothers Pig Rescue.
Please note that they are still getting used to being touched but are so much more social than they were upon arrival.
Adopting them in pairs or a group is ideal.

Batavia 30

November 15th, 2019- Currently


On November 14th, we got a call from animal control about a pig rescue in Batavia, OH with about a 15 count rescue. When we arrived, it was 30 with about 7 pregnant females, and the rest of the females were unknown with age and health. There was one male boar named Gunner. Previous to our knowledge, this property was used for going and shooting anything they pleased, including 15 male potbellies the week before animal control was informed and brought ROAR along with a few other rescues in. The pigs were living in unhealthy conditions such as only a mud ground, no hay, no clean water- the pen was on a muddy pond, no one was spayed/neutered, along with chickens running around loose. As pictured above, you are able to see the living conditions. 

November 17th


Update on the #Batavia30

While half the group has been removed from the property and are settling into being taken care of properly, there are 14 females who remain in danger.
Yesterday the big handsome boar left there and is currently with us. He will get neutered on Monday and will then go to Atti’s Acres to be a well loved pig.
We learned that around 15 of them ended up in someone’s freezer before we were alerted to this situation. The guy said they were trying to ‘thin the herd’. These pigs are advertised all around for meat or breeding or whatever anyone wants to do with them.
So what do we do from here? We don’t have a pen for 14 females. Some are pregnant.
We don’t have the funds for the all the spays and neuters that we’re now responsible for.
Today is a day that is weighing on me because I don’t have the answers for the remaining 14.

Animal Control will seize them tomorrow and we will not have a say in what happens to them.

I’m extremely grateful that my rescue friends at Belly Brothers Pig Rescue and Atti’s Acres have stepped up to help take some of these pigs. This is our 3rd big rescue working together.

I want to thank everyone who has donated so far. We are looking at enormous costs for vetting coming up. Each spay will be $250 + each neuter $150 +
We’ll figure out some way to raise this money.

These animals didn’t ask for this life; they deserve a fighting chance of being safe and living happy lives.
If they were dogs there would be outrage that this is allowed to happen.

Please help if you can.
Share. Educate people on spaying/neutering.
And don’t buy a pot belly pig from a breeder because the rescues are full of them!

** You can donate through PayPal to
Venmo - Wendy Lake @wendy-lake-3
Through our website
Or through the Facebook link
Or you can mail a check or cash

November 20th


Batavia 30 Update

Well we spent yet another exhausting afternoon trying to round up these pigs.
All of us are dragging and beat at this point.
I now have 7 of them taking up 2 horse stalls, meaning my horses have to be outside in their pastures when I’d really like to have them come in for feed times.
I’m going back again at 8 am tomorrow to try to get the rest out.
While we’ve raised a good amount of money so far we are still way under what it’ll cost to spay and neuter everyone.
30 pigs cost anywhere from $100 - $350 each depending on size.
The big girls are $350 and there are several of those.

If you can spare any amount we would greatly appreciate it.
I realize we ask a lot of our supporters and the rescue community never stops taking in desperate animals. It’s both a blessing and a curse to work in this field. We can’t turn a blind eye.

If you prefer to donate directly to our vet for spays and neuters we use:
Rolling Hills Veterinary Services
3097 Bantam Road
Bethel OH 45106
United States
Tel: (513) 734 9400

Venmo- Wendy Lake @wendy-lake-3

Mail checks to : 2207 Franklin Laurel Road New Richmond Ohio 45157

Many thanks to you all for your kindness and support. 🥰🐽

November 21st


All pigs are out except for one little potbelly who is running loose and skittish. We have arranged with animal control and the owner to catch her. We have managed to get all other potbelly pigs to their foster homes, out of there, and gather donations. Spay and neuter for all of these animals starts Nov 25th. Thank you to everyone who has helped us this past week as well as donated. We could not do it without you!

Foster Homes!


This big girl is in a wonderful foster home as of this evening (Nov 20th). Her babies will be born in a nice soft warm bed instead of cold sloppy mud.

Only 1 more pig to go before all are off the property.
Spays and neuters begin on Monday.
To help with the vet bill donate to our vets office :

Rolling Hills Veterinary Services

3097 Bantam Road
Bethel OH 45106
United States
513 734 9400

Many thanks to all of you for your kindness and support ❤️🐽



Happy new life to 2 of the girls from the Batavia 30 group.
Jessica and her mum drove a long way to pick up these pigs after seeing the conditions they were living in. Jessica said she just felt like she had to help so she jumped in her car and came to their rescue.
Sometimes your heart just tells you what to do.
Jessica we thank you for your enormous kind heart.
Have a happy life together ❤️🐽

November 27th


Batavia 30

Today 6 girls and 1 little guy went to the vet to get spayed/neutered.
We still have 10 females to spay plus babies once they’re born.
We estimate that the cost will be around $4000 more than we have raised so far.
So we’re hoping to add some fundraising items as well as ‘Giving Tuesday’ next week.

Many thanks to all who have donated to help with this group of pigs. They are all safe and learning to trust humans.

We’ve named the girls after some of our favourite female authors. ❤️

If you’d like to donate towards these girls you can do so through the link on this post or through:

PayPal to :
Venmo - Wendy Lake @Wendy-Lake-3

Checks can be mailed to us. Go to "Donate" for the address.
Or you can donate directly to our vets office for spays:

Rolling Hills Veterinary Services

3097 Bantam Road
Bethel OH 45106
United States
(513)734 9400

Thank you so much for helping us to help them 😊❤️🐽